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Shye explores the complexities and nuances of human identity through intimate portraits highly reflective of the individuals they represent. With a penchant for storytelling and a seeker of the honest self, her art draws on both the pain and simplicity of existence. While her watercolor illustrations better depict the latter with a focus on childhood, nature, and the lost magic that dominates it, it is not without longing. As a result of such polarizing interests, she splits her time outside of work watching documentaries on the human condition and doodling elephants with painted toenails. 

Awards and Recognition 

"Zarisa" BIG ART  BOOK, 2017 - Scarborough Arts Publication 

Senior Media Award, 2016 - York University

The Drawing Award, 2016 - York University

Louis Odette Sculpture Award, 2015 - York University

Louis Odette Sculpture Award, 2014 - York University

"The Great Masters Art Show" Best Installation in Show, 2012 - Wexford Collegiate 


"After all the horror stories I've heard about commissions, I'm glad Shye made the process easy and pain free. The final product turning out so well was just a bonus."

— Zarisa B. 

"Some great talent here."

— Jasmine Z.